• "You know I always thought unicorns were fabulous creatures too, although I never saw one alive before." "Well now that we have met," said the unicorn, "If you believe in me, I'll believe in you." --lewis carrol

current obsessions

  • a little blue house
    of secret keeping birdies

    2 kitties named
    .::may truly & henry::.

    snowmen w/carrot noses

    tiny white lights
    beeswax candles & firelight
    the winter seasons magic
  • i adore
    two beautiful corgi's
    one named, Izzie
    one named, Caila Wish

    ::wishing on stars::

    an all grown up squirrel
    named Chi Chi
    & his sweetie Chatty Cathy

    .:: working on tiny bears ::.
    little bears big bears
  • new watercolors &
    .::big blocks of paper::.

    decadent hot chocolate
    w/chilies & cinnamon
  • homemade pumpkin muffins
    with big mugs of tea at dawn

    a purring kitten on my lap
    with a corgi at my feet

    i still miss
    an elephant named


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Please put my name in the teacup--and thank you!

Art Tea LIfe

oh my ! leave a comment ?

I seem to have already left drool, tears and giggles all over this place !

My comment ? YOU GET IT ! you just really GET IT don't you ???

I never thought I would get over ten people signing up ! The real beauty has been seeing others and thier enthusiasm to put up thier own HeARTs...This is a Dream.

I just think --- Imagine what we could do with this kind of magic...

Please PLEASE put me in your teacup. I think this little heart is the most precious thing and that bumble bee needs me !



please add me to your teacup - and please come add your name to my nest. I will add your link to the list on my blog too. Your post says it ALL and I want others to read it so will make a point to say that too.
Sharing the links of our hearts makes for the most beautiful necklace of love ever created!


WELL!!!! Holy smokes Mis zUzU! I want to play! Yesirreeeeeee!!! Uh huh!!! You betcha by golly wow! Absoltively posolutely!!!!! So put my name in that lovely teacup...and I will be wishing wishing wishing for a little faerie dust to be sprinkled upon it....so my name is picked!!!!!
Kowabunga!!!! jeepers creepers! Man alive!!!! holy macaroni! Yeee Haw!


that is such a lovely post, here is my name being popped into your hat. Thank you for putting your name into my hat. please add me to your list of participants.


this is sooo fun. I'm glad I fell into this. Please add my name to the teacup!


Ooooh what a beautiful story and cheers to all the Queens of heARTS! Please dip my name into your cup of sweeTEAness :) I think you expressed it perfectly, the chain reaction of giving!


What a thoughtful and sweet post! I made a little something last night inspired by Sandy and Carole/Pea.
Please come on over and sign in to try and win my offerings.


How very sweet! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I would like a chance be in the cup :-)


ahhmm - sounds like trying to clear a choked up throat - zU - were we on the same moonbeam? - dear lovey - I just don't know how to express.... hmmmmmmmmm.... is this not MAGIC of the highest order - oh dear - my fingers are doing their own thing - alright! LET'S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS - I WANT THAT PINCUSHION! - please PLEASE pull my name out of that teacup - oh - btw - my macaroni is SUPER HOLY (big sister macaroni) - but hers is more cheezy - I think you probably know what I mean - I'm - well I'm - in a swoon - xox - eb.

Carrie W.

My heart's pounding ZuZu!~ I'm ever so excited about this! Please add me to your beautiful tea cup! Your such a sweet and talented lady! Your blog is wonderful, like you!!!~
Thank you ZuZu! Now put me in the tea cup!!!!!!!!


O! I really need a pin cushion!!!Please add my name in that teacup and don't forget to visit my Blog and meet my little crow who soon flies to his or her new home! www.turquoisecro.blogspot.com


please include my humble offering of heART and add me to the cup for the oh so lovely the cushion !


please include me for your darling HEart giveaway...and thank-you for putting on the list of giveaways....xoxo~k

Melissa Lobdell

Oh my! Talk about need--I need your sweet pincushion... The little bee? Perfect! Please, please add my name to your teacup! Maybe turn the corner a little bit so it catches on your hand when you're drawing names... I know it's totally not in the spirit of love and generosity but I really, really love it! Thanks for popping over to my blog! Maybe I could dog ear your name a little too?? And if you're updating, feel free to add my link to the many heART giveaways! xo-Melfie

Laura Duet

Hi Dear Zuzu!! I just started a HeART giveway on my blog tonight!!! Hope you can enter!!

love, laura


I absolutely love what you wrote for this post, I hope you don't mind, I am going to copy to a Word document and keep it. It is a GREAT description of the evolution of the heART giveaway.

And of course, please enter me in your drawing, you heART is adorable and heARTfelt!


This has been absolutely magical! Look what is happening, truely all over the world! Thank you for your wonderful story that captures the magic!


Oh, yes, please add my name to the list! I will bee so happy to win....Just Bee-cause!!


Bee..lieve me when I say that I indeed want to win this BEE-utiful gift! Toss my name into the list!
ZuZu you have written this tribute to *ms.ATL* so eloquently..I just love to read your writing...this was powerful..Bee..lieve me!You are the BeSt.hugs...(my emails to you keep getting returned?)hugs

Linda Harre

What a lovely post......Sandy really started something wonderful! Now, if the world would take notice....how much happier we could all be!!!!!!!! Count me in...Linda


Isn't this just sooo much fun?!! hehe Please add my name to your giveaway:-) Thank you so much for entering mine and letting me know that you were also participating!! I'll add your name to my links:-) Hugs xox

Karin (creativechaos)

Please count me in.....This has been so very special. I love what you wrote!!


Well my dear zUzu...your post, as with everything you write, is most beautiful. Your little bee and heart are so incredibly precious. May I add my name to your beautiful teacup?
........AND, I EXPECT TO SEE YOUR NAME ON THE LIST THIS SATURDAY for the next 'gift way' that will, most decidely, contain a heart. <3 Rella


please add my name

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