• "You know I always thought unicorns were fabulous creatures too, although I never saw one alive before." "Well now that we have met," said the unicorn, "If you believe in me, I'll believe in you." --lewis carrol

current obsessions

  • a little blue house
    of secret keeping birdies

    2 kitties named
    .::may truly & henry::.

    snowmen w/carrot noses

    tiny white lights
    beeswax candles & firelight
    the winter seasons magic
  • i adore
    two beautiful corgi's
    one named, Izzie
    one named, Caila Wish

    ::wishing on stars::

    an all grown up squirrel
    named Chi Chi
    & his sweetie Chatty Cathy

    .:: working on tiny bears ::.
    little bears big bears
  • new watercolors &
    .::big blocks of paper::.

    decadent hot chocolate
    w/chilies & cinnamon
  • homemade pumpkin muffins
    with big mugs of tea at dawn

    a purring kitten on my lap
    with a corgi at my feet

    i still miss
    an elephant named




Oh. My. Goodness! Is she adorable or WHAT!!! I belong to two mini (not so much LOL) dachies...but someday.... one day in the fairy future....I would LOVE to be owned by Pembroke Corgi....:D


She is exquisite!


She is exquisite!


Caila is absolutely beautiful!

christine rose elle

What beautiful wise tawny eyes she has! A match made in heaven! At last!
A scrumtious muffin to run hill and dale in zuzu's sweet faerie meadow!

Debb George

She is adorable , glad you got her.I think you have seen mine on my blog sage . My daughter has one thesame coloras your. I really love them there are sweet hearts.
love Debb

Debb George

Love her my daughter has one the same color .I think you have seen my (sage) on my blog. Glad you got her.


What a sweet sweet face!!! My golden met a corgi puppy this last week... we were both in love. I'm going to show my dh this picture, perhaps it will make him melt, too ;)

Marilyn Pardo

You just bought my bear-so of course I had to see your page-and read about Caila...I wish you would do a BOOK.! You already have the first chapter-Meeting Caila..Do it! I am so glad it is YOU who will have thebear-for you have a beautiful soul...Marilyn

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