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current obsessions

  • a little blue house
    of secret keeping birdies

    2 kitties named
    .::may truly & henry::.

    snowmen w/carrot noses

    tiny white lights
    beeswax candles & firelight
    the winter seasons magic
  • i adore
    two beautiful corgi's
    one named, Izzie
    one named, Caila Wish

    ::wishing on stars::

    an all grown up squirrel
    named Chi Chi
    & his sweetie Chatty Cathy

    .:: working on tiny bears ::.
    little bears big bears
  • new watercolors &
    .::big blocks of paper::.

    decadent hot chocolate
    w/chilies & cinnamon
  • homemade pumpkin muffins
    with big mugs of tea at dawn

    a purring kitten on my lap
    with a corgi at my feet

    i still miss
    an elephant named


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Dear ZuZu, I'm so glad that you weathered the winter storm and are safe and sound.

Sorry to hear about your door, but am relieved to discover ChiChi and his girlfriend are cozy and getting on well.



Thanks for the visit to my blog!! MY WORD, I had no idea you were in such a mess! Try to stay safe. Last year, here in central Texas, our power was blown out just the same as yours. 5 days later we had power. The saving grace? We had a small honda generator! Come back soon!


dear Zuzu.. thankyou for finding me! yes, I move often... but I am loving my new home so I think I will stay where I am for awhile

I turned 50! yes! and to celebrate there is a faery party going on.. I would love you to join but first you need to go here:
faery land invitation

and choose a faery name, then you will be given a key that takes you to a portal where you can enter faery land on the wings of a bird. hope to see you there!


oops the link didn't work so here is the long link (just copy and paste) xoox



so relieved that you and your sweet family weathered the storm and that chichi and his galpal are also safe and sound!!we have been having some awful storms here in ohio too, the wind is incredible and so forceful, i moved all the dogs beds to the middle of the floor and kept the cat in for a few days...mother nature is mad at something.....
love you~



We had the same storm here in Ontario. Thousands in some areas are only getting their hydro back now and some still waiting. Luckily here nothing was damaged but a house that was ready to be bricked where my husband works was totally knocked down! Strange weather for this time of year. Only awhile ago we had massive snow and now there`s none in sight.



Oh, dearest Pet.....I am so glad to hear you are o.k...and mortified that I did not know you were in harm's way. Bless the powers that be that kept you all safe...albeit without enough reading material. Glad you had enough candles and stayed warm.

Sending love
xo Rella


ZuZu I know of these winds we had
100+ km. winds here and so-o-o-o- much rain it washed away all our wonderful white blanket of snow!!
All my little fur friends that visit the garden stayed away in hiding as did your sweet Chichi!!How sweet that he has a ~~she friend~~
Goodness those ducks are having FuN!
Poor trees!! I do hope there is NOT too much damage at the cottage!!hugs NG

Art Tea Life

oh my ! you were one of the one's without POWER for all that time ! oh man. That must have made the storm much much harder to bear. Here we were happy as clams to have rain, but I can just imagine how I would have felt without POWER for days and days...oh gosh. That sounds really really sobering. Sorry to hear, tho I did get a chuckle over the ducks and the kitty dashes ( I did not laugh over the bedspread ! aaa ! ) and of course the warm update of Chi Chi !!!


That really stinks.

Love ,S.

oh and Ps- I do worry about the trees too. I bet that pecan tree was really really on your mind.


Holy Crap!!!!

Now THAT is a storm!

Carrie West

Oh I hope you felt safe!!~ I just wanted to thank you for leaving such a wonderful message on my blog! I really treasure the moment when you stop by!!!!!!~ give ChiChi a cuddle for my if you can!!!! Take care sweet Zu!!!!


Hi Zu!
It is soooo nice to meet you. Thank you so much for the nice comment on my blog.
Your post really captures what you went through in that storm. I cannot believe it was only a couple of weeks ago. My husband, Fred and I were actually on a short vacation in San Diego Jan. 2-6th.
We watched the terrible storm on the news. We were lucky not to have gotten hit like they said San Diego would.
We spent the rainy Sat. at Ikea and had a ton of fun! We NEED an Ikea in CO!
It is a pleasure to meet you! I will be back often.
:) Melissa

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