• "You know I always thought unicorns were fabulous creatures too, although I never saw one alive before." "Well now that we have met," said the unicorn, "If you believe in me, I'll believe in you." --lewis carrol

current obsessions

  • a little blue house
    of secret keeping birdies

    2 kitties named
    .::may truly & henry::.

    snowmen w/carrot noses

    tiny white lights
    beeswax candles & firelight
    the winter seasons magic
  • i adore
    two beautiful corgi's
    one named, Izzie
    one named, Caila Wish

    ::wishing on stars::

    an all grown up squirrel
    named Chi Chi
    & his sweetie Chatty Cathy

    .:: working on tiny bears ::.
    little bears big bears
  • new watercolors &
    .::big blocks of paper::.

    decadent hot chocolate
    w/chilies & cinnamon
  • homemade pumpkin muffins
    with big mugs of tea at dawn

    a purring kitten on my lap
    with a corgi at my feet

    i still miss
    an elephant named


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I am crossing my fingers for alot of fairies to visit my garden during this night.

What a beautiful post. You really should write a book. Can I preorder?????

Art Tea Life

did you wake to find fairies all drunken and sleepy around your yard ?

Oh what a party place they have there at The Cottage , I see.

The very idea of sipping jasmine and twirling a tiny paper parasol ( you gave me one once you know....) makes me smile.


I love the very idea of sweet flowers and dancing and surprises !

You definitely left ONE WONDERFUL surprise here.

Wish I was there. Your hard work shines - the yard looks VERY FINE !!!

Love, S.

Art Tea Life

And I did not know that about the primroses !

We used to always plant "Fairy Primrose" and regular primroses for Easter .... You mean we were keeping fairies away ?

Well....shoot ! I guess that explains it !


What a lovely story...I will take your advise...perhaps this year they will choose to stay a while.
Now I must go and polish my silver thimbles and bake some cakes...I have company coming.

Lisa Oceandreamer

I just know your cottage is a welcoming venue for the fae to party and enjoy life. I do believe your splendid displays of plant and flower...and offerings upon the wee table.... will bring them round for a May Day festival of all festivals.


So pretty, dear zUzU! I know the fairies will find delight in your cottage garden!


I have put a link to this post in my blog today ;-)


Oh my gosh, I haven't seen your blog before today. I loved it.
I so believe in fairies. I watched a documentary about fairies in Ireland, and loved it.
I haven't been blogging very long, but visit my blog sometime.


I am ready for the dance of the faieries! I wait for the tiny toes to leave impressions in the warm earth!I know that they have already kissed the daffodils and peonies!I think I heard the tinkling of their magical bells in the garden these past few nights! Gentle faieries come and play! hugs NG


What delightful folklore! :)

karla nathan

Oh what a pretty faery story, thanks


Lovely lovely lovely! I`ve so missed visiting your beautiful blog :)


Art Tea Life

And did the fairies dance you away ? ? ?



Y O U ? ? ?


I'm a bit late but have still enjoyed reading your wonderful fairy post dear ZuZu! I'm sure they reside in your enchanted cottage garden now! Lovely photos!
Tell ChiChi Auntie Carol said Hello! Hugs & Smooches Carol xox


oh my sweet friend, im going to get my fairy dress on and go and moondance, you made me so happy when i read your blog, your world is a very beautiful place. love jo. p.s dont forget to put your lipstick on.


I hope I am not late for the party, (Like always).

I adores your stories, please, please, please write a book.

Your garden is wonderfull, no wonder all fairies want's to live in there.

Love you My ZuZu


Magical ZuZu, I do believe you are a fairy too!


what a lovely, lovely story as always - and your garden is rich and dense and plump with the loveliness of springtime and my goodness that sweet baby - to see such a miracle of tiny life unfurling and feathering... so so so nice to visit the cottage again - I was so pleased to hear from you today and your excitement about the Nick Bantock workshop definitely fires up mine -
yes I will keep you posted...

ps: did you see Boone's fairy structures chez moi a few posts back? - fairy swing etc...

xox - eb.


I love your pics, just beautiful! Wishing you all the best for the queen fairy to stay.
I have added your link to my fav...hope that is ok.


you are right - about The Forgetting Room - it was the last to arrive - and I read it in one sitting - I believe it is my favorite as well - along with The Venetian's Wife -

thank you so - for your frequent, loquacious and so much appreciated visits

xox - eb.

Lisa Oceandreamer

Oh where have you gone ZuZu girl, ZuZu girl? Oh where have you gone darling fairy?


Oh ZuZu! I`ve so missed your beautiful blog! Wonderful flowers and what an amazing view of your new baby bird!! I`ve never seen what they look like and it`s so totally awesome.



hi zUzU - yes the canceled workshop was a disappointment - thanks for your spirited response - and - Cadiz has also responded - oh I would so love a mail art relationship like hers -

xox - eb.

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